Hi there, and welcome to my author web page! Yes, that book there just below? I wrote that. Me. All by myself. It’s my first one, and in case you haven’t guessed, I’m a little bit proud (and a little bit terrified and a little bit amazed) that it’s finally been released. Okay, yes, I’ve spent the last seventeen years writing for television, so I’m not exactly inexperienced at knocking out a story, but writing a novel? Never thought I’d ever do that. And now I have! In fact, you (yes, you) could actually go and purchase said novel on Amazon, right this very second, just by clicking on that there book cover image!

Perfect if you’re looking for books for fans of Stranger Things. And yes, Darren Shan, worldwide bestselling author of Cirque du Freak, did indeed like it. A LOT! Which, I have to say, made me a very happy debut author indeed, cos frankly, the guy is one of the best and most widely acclaimed YA fantasy horror authors out there. Also the toppest of top chaps.

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Thanks for stopping by then. I know there’s not much here yet (hey, if you want lots of content, go visit G.R.R. Martin’s site), but, well, early days. First book, you know. Did I mention that?

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